Most recently, I worked on Rokh and I was responsible for some of the machines the players will use for crafting. I created the high poly, low poly, unwrap & bake. As a personal touch, I applied my custom 4K materials from Substance Painter 2.4 and I made some nice renders for visualization purposes. The materials have easily adjustable settings for amount of wear and scratches as well the base color. Here are 2 of the models and more coming soon:

Rollercoaster Tycoon World for PC - 2015-2016.
Asteroid center piece - model & textures

Haunted house - model & textures.
Three texture sets + tiled brick.
Spec, gloss, emissive and AO in RGBA channels.
Diffuse & opacity in RGBA channels.

Barnyard Bash - model & textures:
3 texture sets + 1x512 for tiled wood.


Swat vehicle - high poly - professional work - 2015 - Simleader

Contact Information:

Frank Patrick Arndt