Unreal Development Kit - Splash Damage Environment Art Test
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Light sources are from emissive, baked into static lightmapping & one dominant sun/moon light in the scene. Running in DX11 + 4xMSAA .
1. Control panel shader using red, green and alpha channel  2. DX11 master material instance
3. Master Material upon which instances are based.
For this test, I made 12 unique, semi-modular, grid-based assets with a total of just under 7000 triangles. Those assets were then instanced across the scene.The neon sign was taken from an older unused personal project.
Completion time for all assets combined: less than 3 weeks in my spare time.
Used 3ds max, Photoshop, Ndo and ZBrush.

Reference from Splash Damage.
ZBrush environment sculpting exercise:

"Operation Overlord" (Cryengine 3)
Responsible for barbed wire, road checkpoint, dead cow, fruit stand with crate & basket,
lighting and advanced time of day in CE3 (fog, color, time of day, depth of field),
diffuse, specular and normal maps as well as the shaders for those assets,
arranging terrain texture materials (with parallax occlusion mapping), terrain layers,
Lod's & collision as well as bullet impact decals according to the material. 
Presented in Cryengine 3, created with 3ds max, ZBrush, Photoshop,  xnormal
Fruit stand (Lod0 = 1764 tris, L1 = 882, L2 = 275, 1024x1024) 
Apple crate (Lod0 = 276 tris, 512x512) 
Basket  (Lod0 = 564 tris, L1 = 284, 512x512)
German road checkpoint (Lod0 = 578 tris, L1 = 326, 1024x1024 + 256x1024 + tiled detail map)
Barbed wire fortification (Lod0 = 988 tris, L1 = 394, L2 = 242, 1024x1024 + tiled detail map)

Ford Mustang '69 - 3ds max, Photoshop, MR
inspired by the movie Bullitt with Steve McQueen
High poly model, rendered with mental ray, touch-ups with Photoshop
Car paint, chrome and glass are Shellac materials